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Getting Out of Your Reading Slump

Have you ever reached a point where you can no longer read another book, let alone flip a page?

Have you ever had difficulty picking up another book after finishing a book that has left you with all the feels?

My friend, you are in a reading slump. Fret not, you can get over it. I understand that it can be super frustrating coz reading is what helps most of us escape reality, but sometimes when life gets in the way, even the thing that brings you most joy becomes a burden.

2019 wasn’t an easy reading year. My goal was to read 40 books, but life and reality got in the way. Books what used to be my sweet escape, my comrade, my vice became suffocating. But I somehow pushed through it through these ways.

  • Read e-books

This way I couldn’t see how thick the book was, therefore it became less daunting.

  • Have a few chosen authors you reserve for rainy days

I tend to turn to Sandhya Menon, Ruchita Misra, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Colleen Hoover when I have trouble picking up a new book.

Sandhya Menon for light, fun and easy read.

Ruchita Misra for realistic but hopeful stories.

Jodi Ellen Malpas for fictional boyfriends who are swoon-worthy and strong female leads.

Last but not least,

Colleen Hoover, when my heart is already broken and I need more shattering.

  • Read Romance

Yes, believe it or not, romance actually got me out of my slump. My reading pace increased – maybe because romance is pretty cliched, but the characters plot and the setting varies.

  • Don’t Stress!

Yes! Don’t stress. Even if you don’t achieve your reading goal – remember, reading should be fun, it should be one of the things that bring you peace.

If you guys know of any other ways to get over a reading slump, do let me know in the comments.


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